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  1.  Conditions of Use

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  1.  Conditions of Sale


Prices quoted in Price Lists are subject to change without notice. The price charged will be that ruling on the day of order unless otherwise agreed in writing, and will be subject to value added tax and any other government duty or tax applicable.

Force Majeure

The seller shall be relieved of the performance of its obligations for the duration and to the extent that it is prevented in the performance of its obligations by reasons of force majeure. For purposes of this clause force majeure is defined as circumstances or events which have not been foreseen at the time of the seller and which prevent the performance of contractual obligations hereunder and which are not capable of being remedied. Acts of God, acts of war, acts of Government, blockades, revolutions, and industrial disputes may constitute force majeure if the elements thereof, as defined, in this clause exist.

Notification of loss of, damage, or non-delivery of, goods or packages

Claims for goods lost or damaged in transit will not be entertained unless notice is given in writing of non-delivery or damage within 48 hrs of despatch. The carrier should be notified immediately.


The practice will provide written estimates when requested of probable costs for procedures and treatments. It is important to consider that treatments and procedures may not follow a conventional course and therefore an estimate may only be approximate. However, we will do our best to keep clients fully informed of costs during the course of treatment and will do so if the expected fee is to be more than 20% greater than the original estimate. In the case of routine procedures we will give quotations. Some additional fees may be added to quotations for additional services and goods provided in unforeseen circumstances.


All transactions (a transaction is defined as the transfer or sale of goods, services, treatments and fees from the practice to the client) are to be paid for immediately. The practice accepts cash, credit and debit cards and cheques with valid guarantee cards and payment in advance. Payments by non “chip and pin” cards will not be accepted. In cases where a patient is admitted to the practice for a period for disease investigation, surgery and/or treatment, payment is due at the end of the period.

Payment terms

The practice welcomes forewarning of genuine inability to pay. Terms of payment to pay in instalments, or in full at an agreed date, must be arranged at the time of the transaction. Fees for vaccinations and other routine procedures do not attract payment terms in any circumstances. If payment terms are not met, the outstanding amount will attract interest from the payment due date and will be subject to an accountancy fee each time a statement or invoice is issued for the outstanding amount. If no payment terms have been agreed, or if no forewarning of inability to pay is received, interest and accountancy fees may be applied from the day the debt is incurred. Goods and services, which have not been paid for, will remain the property of the practice until payment is received in full. If payment terms are not met, the practice will withhold routine treatments, goods and services until full payment is completed. If patient records are requested to be released to another practice where the client owes money to the Smyth Veterinary Services, then the request will be met when payment is made in full, but due consideration will be made regarding the health of the patient.

Payment terms – insured pets

Clients with insured pets which have incurred fees are required to pay Smyth Vet Services in full in accordance with clause 4 above. Clients will be requested to make a claim to their insurers for direct payment to the client. However, in exceptional circumstances, where the full amount cannot be paid, then an agreement for payment arrangements must be made with the practice. In such circumstances the client must provide evidence of a valid and appropriate policy. Payment of the policy excess(es) and payment for all goods not covered by the policy are due at the time of the transaction. The policy is a contract between the client and the insurer – the practice cannot complete claim forms with client details, advise clients or liaise between clients and the insurers. We reserve the right to charge for processing claim forms - fees for this service are not covered by such policies.

Payment terms – accounts.

Smyth Vet Services does not provide an account service. The issuing of invoices and statements is a service provision for clients who have agreed a payment regime as all payments are due at the time of the transaction in accordance with clause 4. Payment, within the terms of a payment agreement, as set out in clause 4, is due immediately on receipt of a statement or invoice. Fees will be applied in accordance with clause 4 in cases of non-payment and late payment. Charges for non-payment and late payment will be shown on subsequent statements, but will be applied to the account on the payment-due date. Statements are issued every month.

Payment terms - defaults

When a client of Smyth Vet Services has defaulted on a payment, either at the time of a transaction or on a payment agreement, for any reason, veterinary surgeons and staff employed by the company will not attend to any animal owned by that client, or attend to any animal registered at that client’s home / farm address, until full payment is received. If the company agrees to retain a client with a payment default record, all future transactions will be on a strictly cash only, payment at the time basis./ in advance of treatment

Payment – unsupported

Any cheques returned by the bank as not honoured, any credit card payments not honoured and any cash tendered found to be counterfeit will result in the client record being restored to the original sum. Further charges added in respect of bank charges, administrative charges and interest charged on the original sum from the date of the transaction will be applied to the account. Full payment will then be due immediately. Fraudulent transactions will be reported to the Gardaí.


Returns Policy

Under no circumstances will goods be accepted for return or credit where any of the following applies:

Goods are returned without prior authorisation in writing from the company with an authorisation.

Goods which are deemed to be in an un-saleable condition.

Goods which are not in original sales units or have broken seals.

Goods which have not been stored in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Goods which have passed their sell by date.

Refrigerated items and Licensed Medications will not be accepted as a return for credit, please take extra care when ordering these products.


Out of Date or Unused Medications

We are able to accept free of charge, out of date or unused medications for disposal*. You can return these by post, courier or in person to SmythVet.ie, Carrickbrack, Convoy, Lifford, Co. Donegal.


*Medicines/ Remedies must have been purchased from Smythvet.ie or Smyth Vet Services in order to avail of this return service, if you have medicines purchased from another supplier please contact them as they will have a similar return service.


​Please ensure all medications are in leak-proof containers. if you require any further information please contact us smythveterinary@gmail.com

Goods may be returned following prior confirmation by Smyth Veterinary Services Limited by means of an authorisation in the following circumstances:

Where the product has been deemed faulty or damaged on arrival.

In the case of equipment, where goods are returned under warranty for repair or replacement.

Where the wrong product has been dispatched in error.

Where goods are returned at the customer’s behest, a re-stocking fee of €10 or 10%of the value of the product (whichever is the greatest) will be charged to accept products back into stock.

The seller reserves the right to recover any and all charges associated with the disposal of the goods returned.



Warranties are provided by the manufacturers of various products available on our website, we endeavour to assist our customers in seeking to address their warranty, however if we have not manufactured the product we are not liable for any failures in warranty.


Freight Changes & Minimum order value

Delivery is free for order exceeding €100 net of VAT. A normal freight charges will apply to orders under the value of €100.00 net of VAT. Customers will be advised at time of order when these charges apply.



This contract is personal to the parties hereto and shall not be assigned to any third party of either the buyer or the seller without the other party’s written consent.


Applicable Law

This contract shall be deemed to be made in the Republic of Ireland is governed by the laws of Ireland, the Irish Courts have exclusive Jurisdiction.


  1.  Appointments and consultations

Clients and their pets / livestock are attended to by veterinary surgeons during surgery hours by appointment. The allocation of an appointment is the basis of charging for consultations. Appointments are available in the morning, afternoon and early evening. Urgent cases will be seen outside consulting hours during the night, but a higher fee may be applied. A similar higher fee will be applied to clients who arrive at the surgery for their pet / livestock to be seen without an appointment.

  1.  Out of hours

All out of hours emergencies for pets / livestock belonging to clients of the Smyth Vet Services are attended to by SVS Emergency Service. All telephone calls are answered on a 24hr basis by a Veterinary Surgeon or support staff. We encourage clients who are not requiring urgent veterinary care to call during office hours.


  1.  Second opinions and referrals

When another veterinary practice requires the details of a patient’s history for the purposes of a second opinion, a patient referral or if a client has changed practice, then the records will be passed directly to the second practice.

  1.  Referral practice costs

When a referral practice charges Smyth Vet Services directly for the examination of radiographs (for example) to provide an opinion, Smyth Vet Services will pass the fee from the referral practice to the client, as well as fees to cover arrangement, VAT and postage and packing. All fees incurred by a client at a referral practice are to be paid directly to the referral practice by the client.

  1.  External laboratory fees

All external laboratory fees are charged to the client at cost plus VAT. Smyth Vet Services will charge professional handling and reporting fees as well as charges for consumables in relation to external laboratory work.

  1.  Investigative care

The care given to pets / livestock may require making specific investigations. The practice makes a charge for carrying out these investigations and interpreting their results. Ownership of the resulting record, for example a radiographic film, remains with the practice. If a client requests that a second practice has access to this record, then Smyth Vet Services may charge the client a fee for the transfer of the record. Smyth Vet Services reserves the right to give an opinion on radiographs, to pass them to the client without giving an opinion or to refer them to a practice for a specialist opinion. The latter will incur additional fees for the client (see clause 13).

  1. Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions should be ordered in advance. Drugs, and all other goods, are to be paid for at the time of collection or in advance (see also clause 10). Smyth Vet Services will provide written prescriptions for treatments prescribed by the veterinary surgeons at the practice, if requested. Prescriptions are charged out at €10.00 per item. Clients may then present the prescription to a high street pharmacy or another veterinary practice to obtain the goods. All pets requiring on-going treatment with a POM-V (Veterinary Prescription Only Medicine) or POM (Prescription Only Medicine) are required to be examined by a veterinary surgeon regularly. The most common frequency is every six months. This examination applies to those clients who request a written prescription for their pet’s / livestock’s treatment and to those who purchase their medications from Smyth Vet Services. All patients prescribed flea treatments are required to be examined at least once a year.

  1. Reminders

The provision of reminders for vaccinations and other services and products by the Smyth Vet Services is a courtesy - there is no obligation on the practice or the staff regarding the consequences of failure to provide such reminders.

  1. In Patient pets / Livestock – non collection

If a pet / livestock which has been hospitalised at the practice for treatment or surgery is not collected by the owner, or the owner’s representative, within a period of one calendar month after the agreed collection date, then the staff, having used all possible means to contact the owner, will take measures to re-home the pet / livestock. Money owed to the Smyth Vet Services will remain outstanding. Additional boarding fees will be added daily and, in the event of the pet / livestock being collected at a later than agreed date, these fees will be, along with all other outstanding fees, payable before collection of the pet.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that your pet/ livestock are under the care of the Veterinary Practice, Smyth Vet Services, the member vets, company staff and their agents.

  1. Telephone calls

The details (client name, date, time and reason for call) of all incoming telephone calls are noted in writing, some calls will be recorded for training, security and quality purposes.  

  1. Data protection

Smyth Vet Services adheres to the Data Protection Acts and GPDR.  

Smyth Vet Services, SVS and SmythVet.ie are trading names of Smyth Veterinary Services LTD which is registered in Ireland No. 568070