Super Phos 500ml (Phosphorus drench)

Super Phos 500ml (Phosphorus drench)

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Super phos 500ml bottle

Super Phos is a liquid Phosphorus and Calcium supplement with added Vitamin D3

• Each bottle of Super Phos contains: 45g Phosphorus

• Contains 55g of both a FAST and SLOW release source of calcium

• Contains Vitamin D3

Product application

Super Phos as an adjunct to therapy for parturient paresis (milk fever)

• Reduces the duration of recumbency, (blood Phos will be low) • Increases the therapeutic success of the first calcium infusion • Highly bio-available

Feeding Instruction: Cows: 1 Super Phos bottle, a second bottle may be repeated after 10 hours

• 6 hrs after Calcium Borogluconate injection as cows suffering from milk fever (hypocalcaemia) are often deficient in phosphorus also

• In cases of Phosphorus deficiency: Feed 1 bottle per day for 3 days (consult your Vet regarding a longer term solution)

• Fertility Support 3 - 4 weeks before mating

• Any animal with a depressed appetite daily until appetite recovers. For example downer cows or after surgery (can be used along with other products recommended by your vet)

Super Phos is an ideal means of supplementing the diet of cows & sheep with both phosphorus and calcium during periods of need. eg. milk fever. About half of all cows suffering from milk fever related recumbency exhibit subnormal levels of both phosphorus and calcium

*Shake Super Phos well before use.

Storage Conditions: Store in a dry place (between 5-28˚C) in original container. Keep out of direct sun light. Do not freeze. Always replace lid after use.

Analytical Composition: Moisture 50% Crude Ash 48% Calcium 11%, Phosphorus 9% Sodium 0% Composition Dicalcium phosphate, Glycerol Additives Vitamins Vitamins D3 - E671 20,000iu/litre